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 "Health is not valued till sickness comes." - Dr. Thomas Fuller, Gnomologia, 1732

Buteyko's Method of Breathing

Dramatically improve your health and well-being.

Particularly effective for conditions such as asthma*, allergies, rhinitis, bronchitis, sleep & anxiety disorders and stress.


"The perfect man breathes as if he is not breathing" ~ Lao-Tzu (circa 4th century BC)

Jac Teaching AdultsA Scientific Discovery

The method was developed by Dr. Konstantin Buteyko, a Russian respiratory physician, who discovered that the stress of modern living have resulted in most of us chronically over-breathing. This creates imbalances in Oxygen/Carbon Dioxide levels, causing reduced Oxygen supply to the cells, and symptoms of asthma, rhinitis and excess mucous, sleep disorders (including apnea), among others. (In the medical trials, the average asthmatic was found to be breathing 3 times the normal volume per minute).

Learn Buteyko in the Philippines

Jac Vidgen, Australian Senior Buteyko practitionerLectures and workshops in the Philippines and Hong Kong are held by Australian Senior Buteyko practitioner, Jac Vidgen, who has been working with the method since 1993. He was trained by a leading protégé of Dr. Buteyko, Alexander Stalmatski (who was featured in the BBC TV documentary about the method). Jac is now based in Manila, and works exclusively in the Asian region. His work was featured on CNN in September 1999, in March 2004 on Star World's Focus Asia, and in January 2013 at Solar TV.

Jac introduced the method to Asia — and teaches it mostly in the Philippines and Hong Kong. The method teaches optimal breathing which provides dramatic improvement in health and well-being — and reversal of most chronic diseases.

Jac & Buteyko's Method at Health Is In

Jac conducts his workshops and free introductory lectures at Health Is In Main Office (located at #59 West Avenue, Quezon City) every 3 months. Appointments can be made to confirm attendance for lectures and upcoming workshops.

For more information, reservations, directions and other related concerns, you may call (02) 416-0123 or 416-1023.