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 "Health is not valued till sickness comes." - Dr. Thomas Fuller, Gnomologia, 1732

Rapid Physiologic Health Monitor

Rapid Physiologic Health Monitor

"One only dies once, and if one does not die well, a good opportunity is lost and will not present itself again." - José Rizal, Letter to Mariano Ponce

RAPID PHYSIOLOGIC HEALTH MONITOR (RPHM) is a revolutionary state-of-the-art Lifestyle Wellness Management System that reads the patho-physiological energy of cells thus giving an accurate assessment of one's health. RPHM is fast (only takes 10-15 minutes), accurate (90%), and non-invasive (no specimen needed).

What Does It Do?

    RPHM Sample Charts
  • PROVIDES baseline data on an individual's health status
  • HELPS identify root causes of symptoms and early detection of potential illnesses
  • SUGGESTS the most suitable recommendations based on the individual's condition and may include medication, supplements, proper diet, exercise and lifestyle changes
  • MONITORS individual's progress and effectivity of treatment
  • PROVIDES the user with an easy to read and simple to explain customized charts that pinpoints areas of concern:
    • Energy Levels
    • Immune System
    • Antioxidant Levels
    • Stress Levels (Mental & Emotional States)
    • Organ Conditions
    • Additional Features include: Foot Reflexology Diagram, Body Massage Points, Acupuncture, and Aromatherapy

Plus: Detection of Chronic & Acute Diseases:

Chart showing detection of chronic and acute diseases


BONUS: You can customize your system to recommend medications, your own products, therapies & services