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 "Health is not valued till sickness comes." - Dr. Thomas Fuller, Gnomologia, 1732

Rapid Physiologic Health Monitor

Rapid Physiologic Health MonitorRapid Physiologic Health Monitor Description

"One only dies once, and if one does not die well, a good opportunity is lost and will not present itself again." - José Rizal, Letter to Mariano Ponce

Why live in fear of succumbing to lifestyle diseases & spend your lifetime savings on unnecessary medications & procedures?

RAPID PHYSIOLOGIC HEALTH MONITOR (RPHM) is a revolutionary state-of-the-art Lifestyle Wellness Management System that reads the patho-physiological energy of cells thus giving an accurate assessment of one's health. RPHM is fast (only takes 10-15 minutes), accurate (90%), and non-invasive (no specimen needed).

Why Invest On Your Own System?

  • This is the age of technology; medical & health industry is fast evolving.
  • Perfect support tool for one's medical practice.
  • The system gives an opportunity for HUGE income and fast Return Of Investments (ROI).
  • Uses internationally proven and tested principles of assessment and health management combined with Russian aerospace technology and Chinese meridian therapy.

    Be A PIONEER or Be Left Behind!


    Why Purchase From Us?

  • We are an established company with more than five (5) years experience in innovative health and wellness industry.
  • We have an international presence; trusted by both local & international clients. Some of our known & trusted clients in the Philippines include:
    • The Farm at San Benito
    • Living Life Well
    • Spectrum Research
    • St. Francis Natural Health Care
    • Clinica Manila
    • Nurture Spa
    • Bioessence
  • We are the exclusive distributors of RPHM & The MiniLab with warranty, parts, services & software updates/upgrades.
  • We conduct and offer basic & advance training for clients.
  • We provide internationally-trained & dynamic technical support staff.
  • We offer flexible payment terms; assured income while paying for the system


    "I find the system very helpful and effective in monitoring my thyroid condition. I usually undergo bloodwork from the laboratory every other month to know if my thyroid is under control. With the system, I can get tested as frequent as I want without the hassle of going through lab tests. I have proven that the system is very effective as I always compare its results with lab results from blood specimen in the past." ~ Arlene Tan

    "RPHM is a comprehensive diagnostic tool which is simple and easy to use. It is very helpful for my practice as a family medicine specialist and traditional Chinese practitioner. As an integrative medical practitioner, RPHM aids me to guide patients on what to do / not to do and what to watch out for to help their situation." ~ Philip Lun Kee Chia, M.D DPAFP

    "Our team in Spectrum Research is dedicated in research and development of natural medicines and products for cancer and other ailments plaguing our modern society. We import, locally manufacture and formulate products we use to treat our patients in our clinic. We find RPHM as a very improtant tool not just for diagnosis but more so to measure the effectiveness of our products and formulation." ~ Victor Lim

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