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 "Health is not valued till sickness comes." - Dr. Thomas Fuller, Gnomologia, 1732

Energy (Pi) Water Tumblers & Disk

Energy (Pi) Water Tumblers & DiskTumblers & Disk Description

"One only dies once, and if one does not die well, a good opportunity is lost and will not present itself again." - José Rizal, Letter to Mariano Ponce

What are Energy (Pi) Water Tumblers & Disk?

These technological breakthrough devices are invented based on the most sophisticated cosmic energy technology from Japan. They are made from natural bio-ceramic researched by the Japan Cosmos Energy Research and Development Centre and further processed with state-of-the-art bio-wave processing technology. This technology enables water molecules to break down into micro clusters thus allowing the body cells to easily absorb nutrients. The products are combination of Japan’s high purity natural bio ceramic and high grade plastic material. (BPA free)

How Does It Work?

The ferrous and ferrite ion of bio-ceramic contained in the Energy (Pi) Water Tumblers & Disk react to restore the process of oxidation, producing electromagnetic energy. When these elements contact water, water particles receive matching electromagnetic waves, causing resonant movements increasing oscillation frequency. This phenomenon revives the water, and consequently forms energy water that is small in water cluster, rich in oxygen, and dissolving power that possess Chi-energy.

What Are the Benefits in Drinking with Energy (Pi) Water Tumblers & Disk?

Benefits of "Chi" Energy WaterEnergy (small-clustered) water taste smoother, sweeter and is easily absorbed by our body's cells; our stomach won't feel full easily therefore allowing us to drink more water which is essential for a healthy body and beautiful skin. In addition, it also prevents us from suffering constipation problems, headaches, "heaty", mouth ulcer and skin problems by drinking energy water regularly. It also reinforces the immune system against possible future diseases.

Thirty (30) years of clinical studies by researchers in Japan have proven that patients with high blood pressure, diabetes, hepatitis B, obesity, chronic bronchitis and dermatitis have shown improvement by drinking 'Chi' water regularly.

Other benefits of drinking 'Chi' water:

  • Strengthens immune system for self-healing & disease prevention
  • Enhances detoxification, metabolism & anti-oxidation
  • Improves circulation and absorption of nutrients
  • Increase water consumption by 30%