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Cellphone Anti-Radiation Shields

Cellphone Anti-Radiation ShieldsAnti-Radiation Shields Description

"One only dies once, and if one does not die well, a good opportunity is lost and will not present itself again." - José Rizal, Letter to Mariano Ponce

Potential new risk from mobile phonesThe Cellphone Anti-Radiation Shield is based on the advanced cosmic energy technology in Japan. The positive energy released by the EMF Shield balances and keeps us away from the negative effects of electromagnetic fields radiated from electronic appliances such as CELL PHONES and COMPUTERS; it helps prevent our body and mind from unwanted accumulation of negative electromagnetic resonance. Hence, it prevents stress, fatigue, headaches, lack of concentration and emotional uneasiness caused by using electronic appliances.


Other Potential New Risk From Mobile Phones

1. FRY the Brain & Skin (Sweden). A major study found up to 48-fold increase in the sensation of heat on the users ear, face or head.
       (Russia). Mobile phones can increase the temperature on the surface of the skin by up to 4.7 °C. This heating damage could lead to skin cancer.
2. Higher Cancer Risks (Australia). Mice exposed to pulsed digital mobile phone radiation over 18 months had twice the risk of developing cancers.
       (US) Frequent mobile phone users have significantly depressed melatonin — a vital cancerpreventing hormone
3. DNA & Immune System Damage. Several studies have shown that mobile phone radiation can cause DNA damage in human cells. Also weak radio frequency radiation similar to the ones emitted by mobile phones can also damage the bodys immune system that fights off infections and disease.
4. Birth Defects (US). Radiation from mobile phones has been linked with possible dangers to pregnant women and their unborn babies. In a study, the radiation was found to cause defects in chicken embryos.
5. Raised Blood Pressure (Germany). A study in the Lancet in 1998 showed that blood pressure in human test subjects rose each time by 5-10mm Hg a level of increase that would be more than enough to trigger a stroke or heart attack at severe risk.
6. Alzheimers Disease, Multiple Sclerosis & Parkinsons Disease (Sweden). Just 2 minutes exposure to mobile phone emissions can disable a safety barrier in the blood, causing protein and toxins to leak into the brain. This can cause the chances of developing Alzheimers Disease, Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinsons Disease.
       (US). A study found that learning & short-term memory in rats were impaired after 45 minutes exposure to electromagnetic radiation from mobile phones
       (UK). A government sponsored study implicated mobile phone radiation exposure with short-term memory loss as well as sudden confusion.
7. Heart Disease & Kidney Stones (Europe). Research indicates that exposure to mobile phones radiation causes red blood cells to leak hemoglobin (which carries oxygen around the body), the build-up of which can cause heart disease and kidney stones.
8. Decreased Sex Drive, Burning Sensations & Fatigue (Ukraine). Rats exposed to mobile phone radiation were found to reduce testosterone in the bloodstream. The higher the dose of radiation the less testosterone was released by the bodys glands resulting in diminished sexual activity. Swedish & Norwegian governments confirmed a significant correlation between the length and number of phone calls made by users and the incidence of symptoms such as fatigue, burning sensations and headaches. Regular mobile phone users have also reported skin tingling, burning or twitching.
9. Poisons From Your Fillings. Mobile phone radiation can activate the mercury and release the poisonous gas. Fumes attack the brains central nervous system causing conditions from depression and asthma to Alzheimers and Multiple sclerosis.
10. Headaches, Dizziness & Concentration Lapses (Sweden). A study found that mobile phone users making 4 or more calls a day were 3.6 times more likely to suffer headaches than those using it less than twice. Users were also 2.3 times more likely to report dizziness and 2.4 times as likely to have concentration lapses. Young people under 30's were most at risk having 3-4 times more likely to experience side-effects.

Source: "How unsafe is your mobile phone". Consumer's Association of Penang.